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Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet For The Modern Man


Slim minimalist wallets for men that are practical for everyday carry. Hoqs wallets have redefined the old-age traditional wallet to meet the growing demand of modern men who are seeking the best mini wallet that possess both a minimalist design coupled with a sense of style to reflect their persona.

At Hoq's we have listened to the increasingly large number of men who take great pride in their appearance and are having great difficulty in finding the perfect mini wallet to meet their needs. We have looked to deliver a solution to meet the contrasting needs of the diverse types of individuals.

Unlike a large number of wallet brands we do not take a one wallet fits all approach but rather deliver an alternative approach to provide a unique style of wallet to meet the needs of different types of men. 

We craft stylish & slim front pocket wallets with a primary focus on delivering a minimalistic design. Not only are our wallets practical and convenient but they also seek to capture an extension of the owners outward personality.

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