Are you looking for the coolest wallet ever? - What your wallet says about you


A wallet can really reveal a lot about an individual’s personality. Similar to shoes, women can tell an awful lot about a man with the wallet he possesses. Old, unpolished dirty shoes are a clear sign a man does not look after his appearance which in turn turns people away whether you are on that date, interview, meeting or with family and friends. Many men attempt to carry an awful lot of cash, cards, receipts – that is not necessary cool in this day and age.


What are your initial thoughts when you see a someone pull out an uncool bulky bifold wallet that is packed full with unnecessary items? Unorganized? Messy? Lacks pride in appearance? You guessed it probably most of them whether its consciously or subconsciously. An individual can make all sorts of assumption when they see an untidy bulky wallet and inevitably can portray a negative image of your personal characteristics.


What is the need for last years grocery receipts to fill up your wallet, useless cards that can be left at home, loose change that are better off in a saving jar for a rainy day – absolutely none. A huge wallet overflowed with clutter looks horrendous. Imagine being on a date or an important meeting and you pulled out one of those, do you think the person on the other side would be impressed. Don’t leave it to chance. You want a cool modern wallet for men that is thin and compact to impress your guests.


So, take some pride in your appearance and before you throw away that old bulky good for nothing wallet consider the following:


  • Slim Is In – Hoqs Slim minimal wallets are for the modern man that prioritises a minimal approach combined with a cool and stylish finish. Less is more. Prevent bulging pockets that are ugly and go with thin wallets that take minimal pocket space


  • Be Proud – Many are not proud of the wallet they possess. They just see it as means to carry cards, cash etc. Here at Hoq’s we are here to change that perception so you can be proud of the cool slim wallet you own like it is an extension of your character (whilst maintaining its everyday carry purposes)


  • Maintain its appearance – All wallets will generally fall victim to wear and tear. It doesn’t help when you are stretching it to its full capacity. Let's be honest do we really need all the junk in this day and age? Go minimal with your wallet, take your necessary cards and cash and take a minimal approach.



Remember next time you are on that date, meeting, social event be a proud owner of a Hoqs Wallet that will convey all the positive messages associated with a cool and stylish accessory.