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How do rfid wallets work? What is rfid blocking?

by Imranul Hoque |

How do rfid wallets work?

The theft of an individuals card details being stolen has become more prevalent in recent years. A fear many of us share from happening and with the access and advancement of modern technology, thieves have found it easier than ever to access an individuals personal information - whether that is your bank account details, credit card information, National Insurance or any sensitive information for that matter.

Protecting personal information and away from the claws of dangerous data thieves is of paramount importance and we have made this our number 1 priority. All our wallets provide a range of rfid blocking wallets to ensure your data is safe and out of the hands of thieves. This provides much needed peace of mind knowing your data is protected. Lets be honest rfid sounds somewhat convoluted and may be unheard of too many people and we aim to give you a quick breakdown into what rfid actually means and its implications. 

What is rfid blocking? And how does it protect credit cards in your wallet?

rfid stands for Radio Frequency Identification and essentially refers to how people can access your data by standing within a distance of a few metres from you and utilise a legal scanner to access your details. To note, there are sophisticated devices experienced hackers can use that may render the RFID blocking wallets powerless. However, the scanners that are readily available and legal will not be able to access your credit card/debit card information whilst in a RFID blocking wallet.

Many wallets that currently exist on the market to do not offer RFID blocking capabilities and therefore leaving you vulnerable to having your data stolen in a matter of seconds. Our slim wallets are designed to ensure you are not a recipient of data theft. As previously mentioned our wallets will protect your information from the scanners; although we cant guarantee the protection from sophisticated hacking devices. New elaborate methods and devices are constantly developing to circumvent radio frequency identification blocking. It is therefore crucial to do the maximum possibly capable to protect your details.

Hoqs minimalist wallets puts your mind at ease knowing your safe from being at risk of RFID scanning.

What frequency are the rfid wallets able to withstand?

A frequent question we often receive is what frequency limit are the wallets able to block the cards contained in the card holder wallet. Hoqs wallets possess rfid blocking materials that can block cards with up to 3000MHz. The vast majority of credit and debit cards operate at a frequency of approx 13.5MHz and therefore will be unable to be scanned wirelessly whilst remaining inside the wallet. Therefore, they would need to be removed in order to utilise the wireless feature of the cards.

What About Work ID, Access, Bus, Cards? Can they be scanned whilst in a slim rfid wallet?

Unfortunately we are unable to say with 100% certainty if they will or will not as universal rules do not apply to these sorts of cards and they operate at different frequency levels. As a result, this would need to be judged on a case by case basis depending on the card. In short, the answer is it it may work or it may not depending on the frequency of the cards. Often, these cards operate at a much higher frequency, 100KHz+. We would recommend identifying the precise frequency of the card which will give you a better understanding if the card will work whilst in your wallet or if you would need to take it out of the wallet to scan it.

In a world where theft of personal information has become alarmingly more prevalent, ensure you to take every measure necessary to protect your personal and financial information from being stolen. All our wallets are RFID Blocking and if you are interested in checking out our rfid Blocking wallet range head on over to our collection here - Mens Wallet Collection