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How To Use A Minimalist Wallet? The Ultimate Guide

by Imranul Hoque |

How To Use A Minimalist Wallet? The Ultimate Guide

In an age where less is more and technology has advanced so much rendering so many everyday items futile. Carrying every card you possess, a vast amount of receipts, copious amounts of coupons are long behind us. There isn't a need to keep these items on you at all times and only serves to contribute to an ugly bulge in your front or back pocket. Remove the unnecessary junk and give your pockets some breathing space, we are sure you will thank us later down the line. Read our tips on making the switch and how to use a minimalist wallet and ultimately reduce the bulk protruding in your pocket:

  • Audit your wallet contents
  • Identify your priority cards (5-7)
  • Carry less cash
  • Digitize your non-essentials 
  • Choose a minimalist wallet

Audit your wallet contents

First thing firsts empty the contents of your current wallet, we mean everything. Over time we are all susceptible to gathering a lot of unnecessary junk - ancient receipts that are no longer required, foreign monies from our previous holiday, random business cards etc. Ensure everything is removed and the wallet is fully empty.

After emptying the wallet you are probably left with quite a few things. Next step is to to distinguish our priority items from our non-essential items.

We like to live by the quote:

"If we do not need it use it on a regular basis, or in an emergency then its better left out of the wallet"

Embrace the minimalistic 'less is more' approach and set your focus on decluttering your wallet contents by eliminating the nonessentials. Differentiate between the necessity and non-necessities by evaluating what you truly need and what is just unnecessarily stored in your wallet.

Identify your priority cards (5-7)

Despite modernisation and the advancement of smartphones that have practically streamlined our everyday life, there is still a need to carry essential cards - credit/debit cards, Personal ID, work access cards, transport cards etc. We strongly advice not to carry every card you own for two reasons. Firstly, it is important to be cautious and if you were to lose your wallet or it was to be stolen, then you will lose all your cards and the thief would have a field day leaving you in a very sticky situation. Secondly, you do not really need to carry all those cards.

Honestly speaking how often have you used all the cards in your wallet? If you are like the majority, you probably use 1-3 cards on a regular basis leaving the remaining cards pointlessly stored in your wallet. 

Look to carry between 2-4 essential cards, perhaps 1 to 2 debit cards and 1 to 2 credit cards. Therefore, you always have options and a back-up to hand whilst minimising the number of cards you carry.

Also, you need to ensure you carry the essentials with you at all times as they cannot be compromised - so grab your ID, transport (bus/metro) card and work access card.

Now you should be left with between 5-7 cards that you need to carry on an everyday basis. Leave the remaining cards in a safe place at home. It may be difficult to begin with as you have previously carried all the cards with you 'just in case' but trust us and see the positive difference minimising your wallet content makes.

Carry less cash

Although the need to carry cash has deteriorated over the years with the ease of access to funds via contactless cards and apps, there will always be a need to carry small amount of cash for small transaction purposes such as, tipping, no access to ATMs or for emergency purposes. It is always advocated to have cash at hand so you are equipped for whatever reason you may need to use it.

However, the need to carry a big stack of cash is not only dangerous for yourself, for the reasons mentioned above, but completely unnecessary in this day and age. With that being said, do not carry too much cash but just enough cash to cover emergencies and small transactions.

So, if you are geared to carrying a lot of cash seek to reduce the amount you carry to the minimum required. That way you protect yourself if you lose your wallet or if it is stolen, as well as reducing the bulk in your pockets.

Digitize your non-essentials

We do not recommend throwing away all the excess items in your wallets, such as; Membership cards, store cards, discount cards, receipts etc. But, rather suggest you digitize these items with the use of your camera's phone and apps so you have access to them when needed.

Take pictures of your important receipts and save them in an app or on your phone. This will provide you with peace of mind as you have proof of purchase and easy access to the receipts should you need them one day. There are numerous apps out there that help you to do this, the one we especially like at Hoq's is Evernote. Do your research and see which one best suits your needs. Moving forwards when you purchase an item ask the cashier if it is possible to email you the receipt rather than providing a paper receipt.

Depending on your vocation, it is perhaps important to have access to business cards you have accumulated over time. However, do you really need to inexplicably fill up your wallet with tons of business cards? It would be more sensible to leave them at home or save their information on your phone. Additionally, similar to receipts you can take a picture and save them on your phone or app so you don't need to worry about losing the persons contact details.

Pictures are great and it is always nice to carry a photo of a loved one with you at all times. We will not dispute that, matter of fact we encourage it. Every time you open your wallet and see the face of loved ones it certainly brightens up your day. But, we draw a line at carrying tens of pictures unwarranted in your wallet. Keep 1 or 2 pictures in your wallet and discard the rest by leaving them at home or taking a picture with your phone or app.

So, digitize these items with the use of your camera, apps or simply leaving them in a safe place at home.


Choose a Hoqs Wallet to supplement your lifestyle

Now he have gone through the process of minimizing the contents of your wallet its time to identify a minimalist mens wallet to supplement your new lifestyle.

The traditional bulky bi-fold had its place few decades back maybe even in the last decade, but in this minimalist generation a front-pocket wallet is probably the best option for you. If you are unable to detach yourself from the bi-fold design not too worry we have a modern designed bifold here at Hoqs - The Classic

For modern men who place high importance on minimalism and elegance the traditional bulky wallet is left inadequate and minimalist, elegant wallets are desired. Take a look at our mens wallet collection and see which minimalist wallet adequately supplements your needs, lifestyle and character.



Audit, prioritise, digitise and ultimately minimise your carry. If you have followed the steps you are on your way to decluttering your wallets and pockets from an unhealthy and frankly unattractive bulge. Decluttering your wallet can be a catalyst to a minimalist approach to life where - less is more.

Heed our advice and look to downsize your wallet with a minimalist front pocket wallet. Guaranteed you will love the new slim life. We wish you well!