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Is it time you switched to a slim card wallet?

by Imranul Hoque |

7 reasons to consider the switch to a small and slim card wallet

Many men look at their chunky traditional style wallet and ask themselves if they really need to carry the overweight, bulky and often hideous looking item with them everyday...And the answer my friends is no you do not! Gone are the times where we need to carry a plethora of cards, receipts and any other excess items that ultimately pertain to overload your wallet. Slimming down your wallet and investing in a slim mens wallet has plenty of advantages and we have highlighted the 7 main benefits of making the switch below:

Eradicates the BULGE

Thats right the main benefit of switching to a slim wallet is no longer having a humongous bulge out of your front pocket. This is even more important for those men who like skinny style jeans and are oblivious to the massive bulge displayed in their front pocket as a result of their bulky bifold wallet. A front pocket wallet will easily slide into any of your pockets and you will instantly notice the difference in the limited amount of space it takes in your pocket as opposed to the bulky bi-fold.

Your cards will last LONGER

Our minimalist wallets are designed to efficiently store your cards and cash in a compact format that can easily fit in your front pocket. This removes the need to place the wallet in your back pocket, which is prone to being sat on numerous times throughout the course of the day, and will help preserve the life of your cards. They will keep your cards looking funky fresh and reduce the need to constantly having to replace your cards.

Reduce the chances of THEFT

Back pocket is a risky place to store your wallet that will most likely contain important and valuable contents. As your wallet is kept in your back pocket and you won't have full visibility of your wallet, it really increases the chance of becoming a victim to pickpocketing. This is magnified in crowded environments where a gentle brush may seem innocent but you are left devastated having been a victim of theft by a highly skilled pick-pocketer. By keeping your contents in one of our rfid wallet you significantly reduce the chances of being pick-pocketed. You have full visibility of your wallets and constantly aware of any funny business that may occur in front of you.

They look so much BETTER

We cant emphasise this enough when we say a slim and stylish front pocket wallet really looks so much better than a battered, old and bulky wallet. You can be proud of your new card wallet rather than being ashamed every time you have to take out your wallet in order to pay for that coffee, date or business meeting. It is an elegant alternative that will really enhance someones perception of you as a trendy and modern individual who is fashion-conscious. As the old proverb goes - 'It pays to look good'.

Embrace the cashless DIGITAL ERA

Society has geared to a cashless one with the proliferation of smartphones and apps that take care of a lot of our payment needs. Needless to say the requirement of carrying every single card you own and a stack full of cash has become unnecessary. The need for larger wallets is no longer required which is why we advocate that a minimalist styled modern wallet is really the way forward. A few essential cards and a little bit of cash is all you really need in this day and age.

Frees up pocket SPACE

Our Hoqs wallets are compact and slim so they do not take up much pocket space. Essentially this means you have space to add other items in the same pocket. The same cant be said with those bulky wallets that take up a large proportion of pocket space. So you no longer need to worry about putting your phone, keys or other items in another pocket as you can now put it in the same pocket as your wallet giving you more space for other items you may wish to carry.

It really is a lot more COMFORTABLE

We really cant stress how comfortable a slim and compact wallet is in comparison to the larger and bulkier counterparts. They are undeniably comfortable when placed in your front pocket, back pocket or any other pocket for that matter. They are lightweight and slender which really makes them a joy to carry. If you are anything like us at Hoq's we love our comfort as well as style. It may look good but if its uncomfortable it really isn't pleasant to wear or carry, especially considering its and everyday carry item. Reduce the discomfort and sitting on the back pocket wallets (that can really cause a pain on your backside over time) with a comfortable front pocket wallet.

Those are the 7 main reasons we believe everyone should consider before deciding whether a minimalist wallet is right for them. We certainly believe it has its benefits, as listed above, and if you are interested in investing in a minimalist wallet head on over to our mens wallet collection where you may find the perfect match.