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Looking for the perfect mens wallet?

by Imranul Hoque |

In search of the perfect mens wallet?

A wallet is an essential accessory to a mans everyday life. A wallets purpose, in its simplest form, is to store and carry your cards/cash around with you in a convenient manner. Although, with the evolution of time it appears to have grown larger in size as a direct response to the need of carrying an increasing number of items; credit cards, debit cards, driving license, store cards, receipts, insurance card etc.

Can you get functional modern wallets for men?

What is often overlooked by many wallet providers is the sheer demand for a slimline wallet which retains its functionality but tailored for modern men in a stylish and minimalist format. At Hoqs we have taken this upon ourselves to meet the outcry of men around the world seeking the perfect mens wallet - without compromising on functionality. Conversely, we are not claiming our Hoqs Wallets can carry the same amount of cards a bulky bi-fold perhaps can but advocating to streamline the number of cards and cash one carries. Let's be honest do you really need to carry all those store cards or old receipts that are better off stored in your draws at home.

What makes a perfect mens wallet?

We have determined the perfect mens wallet consists of 3 main components:

  • Functionality
  • Minimalism
  • Exuding confident style

All our wallets are underpinned with this philosophy which ensures they are well suited for men looking for the perfect modern front pocket wallet they can be proud to show off to friends and family alike. In this day and age, with the developments of technology and the redundancy of carrying certain cards the need for traditional wallets that bulge out of your front pocket have evaporated.

It is still imperative that we do carry a handful cards as they will always be necessary e.g. driving licence, credit/debit cards, breakdown cards etc. Hoqs wallets are tailored for those specific needs - a handful of essential cards and little bit of cash. Reducing the need to pointlessly carry excess cards and cash resulting in a minimalist wallet that will take less space in your pocket

If you are looking at what are the essential items we recommend to carry on an everyday basis check out this blog post in which we cover the topic in greater detail. If you are looking at the perfect wallet to suit your needs you can head on over to our mens slim wallets collection and see which Hoqs Wallet can positively compliment your personality.

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