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The Journey to Super Slim Mens Wallet

by Imranul Hoque |

The Journey to Super Slim Mens Wallets

It is safe to say the old traditional bulky wallets just don’t cut it anymore with the new minimalistic fashion conscious generation. Our lives have seen a drastic change over the last couple of decades with a greater emphasis placed on convenience and the reduction of everyday carry items.

The need for cash and a large number of cards has long been on the way out with the advancement of technology. Cash is accounting for a lot less of payments in the 21st century with most people opting to pay via cards or apps. In some countries it is in fact illegal to pay for anything more than a 1,000 euros with cash. Other countries are even planning for a cashless society. Great news for those of use who prefer to live minimally and carry less.

Cell phone apps have started to become popular and have become an alternative method of paying for goods/services. There is a danger of cards being replaced with the development of apps such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Paypal to make payments from your phone. However, with the increase in hacking of electronic data many people still prefer the option of using their cards. And the need to carry little cash, driving license, I’Ds are still carried and the need for slimline rfid wallets is still ever-present. 

Smartphones, tablets, kindles, cards have helped shape everyday life to be more efficient and minimise what we carry. As a result, we are carrying much less in our bags, pockets and wallets. What was required a few years ago is no longer required now. We have seen an increase of companies trying to provide an alternative to the old bulky wallets and carry on the minimalistic everyday carry trend with the wallet.

In all honesty there are slim wallets currently out there that do provide efficiency and reduce the need to carry bulky wallets. However, the ones that we have come across don’t seem to really pay attention on the important aesthetics or the diverse needs of different men. They seem to be efficient in place of looks with a one size fits all approach.

We have decided to disrupt this approach and provide the minimalist wallets for men that are slim, minimal and modern. So it is something you can be proud to own rather than hiding in the back of your trouser pocket or left behind at home as it is too bulky and too ugly.

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