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What does your wallet say about you? Consider these before you buy a mens wallet online

by Imranul Hoque |

What does your wallet say about you?

The wallet a person carries can really reveal a lot about their personal characteristics. Similar to shoes, a person can make a snap judgment based on the type of wallet one carries. With that being said, if you want to send positive signals and portray yourself in a positive light, it is important you take the time to  to do your research when you are looking for to buy a men's wallet online that sends the correct signals and accurately reflects your person

Old, unpolished dirty shoes are a clear indication a man does not take a whole lot of pride in his appearance and can be a huge deterrent to others; whether that is on a date, with prospective clients or just with family & friends. Equally, a bulky wallet that is bordering on erupting due to the cards and receipts shoved in, can and most likely will send a negative message of one's personality. 

Don't be that guy!

Many men are notorious to keep a hold of all sorts in their wallets - from old receipts to expired store cards. In the modern era, with a primary focus on less is more, slim wallets are imperative to declutter the mess, and accentuate your great personality and most importantly to possess an everyday carry wallet you can be proud of. 

There is nothing particularly wrong with an unorganized, bulky wallet that is bulging out of your front pocket....if you want to look like a carefree slob that is!

Like really...what words come to mind if you were sat with the opposite sex on a date and they put a fat, ugly wallet from the 80s on the brink of explosion on the table. They are probably words you don't really want to be associated with. You owe it to yourself to not be a distinct advantage as a result of the wallet you carry. On the flip side, imagine going for a coffee with some prospective clients and you pull out an elegant carbon fiber wallet and sleek wallet to pay for the coffee...that's right wouldn't they perceive you in a much better light?

What to consider in your wallet?

Take some pride in your appearance and throw out the outdated wallet and consider the following before purchasing your new minimalist wallet:

  • What do you carry - Hoqs Wallets provide a multitude of wallets to meet the requirements of a wide array of men. Depending on your requirements explore our wallets range and see which one best fits your needs
  • Less is more - At Hoqs our goal is to streamline the size of mens wallet and ultimately provide the best slim wallet that are pocket-friendly and befitting a modern man who seeks an alternative to the traditional bulk
  • Be proud of your wallet - A lot of men we have encountered do not appear to be proud of their wallet. Perhaps there is a lack of stylish wallets in the market for them to be proud of. Here at Hoq’s we are here to change that perception so you can be proud of the wallet you carry 

Remember next time you are on that date, meeting, office or a social event you will not have to worry about your wallet ruining your chances of success and inadvertently emitting a negative image of who you are. A Hoqs wallet will unequivocally help to convey you as a fashion-conscious, cool individual that has his *proverbial term* together.

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