Providing the best thin & functional card holder wallets in the world

Hoq’s Wallets is the creation from a desire to provide compact and attractive wallets for the modern man. Traditional wallets are outdated and the need for thin, compact and slim wallets is growing ever larger.

At Hoq’s we understand the need for less bulk in your pockets and have designed the best wallets for men that can be of everyday use, that takes minimal pocket space and maintain its carrying ability.

Slim And Stylish

We know we are not the first to redefine the wallets into a slimmer more compact format. However, unlike the slim wallets that are currently available we are certain that what sets us apart from the rest is the attractive and stylish nature of our mens wallet range. We don't compromise style for substance - we seek to integrate the two together to provide the best male wallets which they can be proud to own.

We combine the slim, stylish and modern concepts to create a fashionable accessory that is an extension of your personality. Do not sacrifice style for substance when at Hoq's you can have the best of both worlds.

Wallets With Character

Many take the one wallet fits all approach assuming everyone has the same needs and expectations from their wallet. However, at Hoqs we know that is rarely the case. Depending on your lifestyle, style and preferences your wallet will need to serve different requirements in order to fit your needs. 

We have created innovative wallets with different types of personalities in mind to help them better support their lifestyle with a unique wallet to match. 

Find the best wallet to match your personality and let it be a glowing reflection of your confident person. Wallets like no other - your search for the best wallet brand is over 


Words From The Founder

"Your wallet is a statement of your personality.

My goal is to give the modern man a minimalistic and elegant alternative to the bulky and ugly wallets.

I guarantee you will enjoy the wallet and it will be the last wallet you will ever need".


Imran Hoq