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Hoq's originated through the struggle Imran, the founder, encountered when searching for a minimalist wallet that was slim, stylish, practical and not extortionately priced.

With the lack of options available he decided to create a range of slim wallets for men that possess all these attributes to challenge the over-priced big brands.


At Hoqs we understand a wallet is more than a tool to carry your cards and cash but an item you carry with you everyday and one that should be carefully selected, which captures your personality in the best possible way.

Lets take a moment to consider how you would feel if you were at an interview, social event or even a date and you take out a bulky, lifeless wallet from your pocket and place it on the table. What do you think the reaction would be like? People would start to unfairly make assumptions and associate you with perhaps certain terms you would not want to be associated with; untidy, unfashionable, cluttered, messy etc.

Now picture the same setting and you place a slim and smart looking credit card wallet down on the table the reaction would be much more positive right?

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So why is Hoqs superior to other slim wallets?

Where do we start. Firstly, we appreciate wallets are much more than just a wallet and a means to carry your cards and cash. But a statement of intent. It reflects you as an individual and it is an item you carry everyday. It serves a purpose yes, but it is also an item that is carried everyday and should possess a sense of style that you can confidently and proudly showcase.

Ultimately, our minimalist design, practical efficiency, comfort in any pocket and smart exterior are the primary reasons we would say is what sets our range of minimalist wallets apart from the rest.

We don't just create wallets, anyone can create wallets. But what we aspire to deliver is well-crafted, contemporary, slim and stylish wallets for the modern man, which you can carry everyday and proudly flaunt with no negative bias aimed towards you.

Unlock the best version of yourself with a cool wallet you can be proud to own. The right wallet can do wonders to your image. Do not sacrifice style for substance when at Hoq's you can have the best of both worlds.

Awaken your best self with a Hoqs wallet.

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Words From The Founder

"Your wallet is a statement of your personality.

My goal is to give the modern man a minimalist and elegant affordable alternative to the bulky, ugly and expensive wallets that seem to be rife in todays market.

I guarantee you will enjoy your Hoqs Wallet and ask yourself why you didn't switch sooner"

Imran Hoq