modern wallet
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A modern slim wallet that is exquisitely crafted 

A modern wallet that is equally slim and stylish. This wallet includes a retraceable pull-tab feature to provide easy access to your cards. The outside pockets can be utilised for a little bit of cash or extra cards. A modern wallet that is super slim and effortlessly gorgeous, designed for the thrill seeking adventurer.

The adventurer is on a relentless pursuit to uncover the natural beauty of this world. Often living on the edge, with an innate desire to pursue in what they truly believe. A rare blend of excitement, warmth and boundless charisma enables them to charm all those they encounter. 

A modern wallet for the larger than life adventurer.

Courageous. Electrifying. Thrilling.


  • Retraceable pull-tab feature for easy access
  • Holds 1 - 8 cards
  • H: 10.5cm - W: 7cm