credit card holder wallet
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A slim card wallet that provides a unique carry

A card wallet with a unique appearance and a streamlined design. This wallet includes many compartments to carry plenty of credit and debit cards. An inside pocket can be found to store a little bit of cash or some extra cards. A unique slim card wallet that is different to the norm, designed for the rule-breaking entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur possesses an extraordinary sense of self-belief to overcome the insurmountable. A natural born leader with an effervescent charisma who will always find a way to get the desired result. A distinctive wallet which stands apart from the crowd. This unique wallet is a reflection of the unique character of the entrepreneur.

A unique credit card holder wallet for the ever-inspiring entrepreneur.

Frivolous. Rare. Visionary


Holds 1-6 cards
Inside storage for notes
H: 8cm - W: 10.5cm