carbon fiber card holder
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A carbon fiber wallet that delivers a statement

Carbon fiber card holder wallet that is as fashionable as it is streamlined. Easily holds your essential personal/business card and cash, all the while remaining its slim and classy design. The perfect match for those who are looking for a carbon fiber card holder wallet that slims their pocket contents yet provides a stylish and striking design.

The gentleman is a fashionable and trendy individual who possesses a coolness that is rarely matched. Their sparkling identity coupled with their gracious mannerisms, delivers a buoyant interaction to all those they encounter. A gracious soul that will rarely compromise on his traditional values - standing as a man of integrity amongst his peers. 

A effervescent carbon fiber wallet for the modern gentleman

Suave. Cool. Irrepressible


  • Carbon fiber material
  • Holds 1-6 cards
  • H: 7cm - W: 10cm