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A small wallet that declutters your pockets

Small wallet with incredible efficiency to store your essential cards and a little bit of cash. Inspired by the free-spirited student whose looking for an everyday carry that is both small and convenient. The perfect wallet for those who are looking for a skinny design with easy access to their cards and cash.

The Student is easy going, carefree and possesses a fun-loving attitude. The mantra 'work hard play hard' epitomises this individual. Rarely will you see them without a gregarious smile, daring to dream and a boundless energy in their pursuit for future greatness.

A small wallet is of importance for the student to fit into their on-the-go lifestyle.

Energetic. Gregarious. Dynamic.


  • Easy access to cards and cash
  • Hold 1-6 cards
  • H: 7cm - W: 10cm